Event Policy

For full Event policy including the event cancellation policy and participant terms and conditions please click here.

Series Rules

All SunSmart Triathlon Series events are sanctioned by Triathlon Australia and Triathlon Western Australia and are conducted under the national rules.

Race Rules Booklet can be found on the Triathlon Australia website.

TriEvents Competition Rules

In accordance with National and International standards, TriEvents will enforce the following policy for all prize money and category awards. To view this policy click here.

Refund Insurance

TriEvents is committed to providing the best events and the best experience to our athletes and participants. To continue to provide the best service to all participants, we are now offering an optional refund policy*.

TriEvents understands that sometimes you can’t make it to the start line. The Policy has been designed with athletes in mind and will provide a refund of your registration fee if you cannot attend the event in the following situations:

  • Injury or illness to yourself
  • Illness, injury or death in your immediate family
  • Transport delays/breakdown/accident on the way to the event
  • Damage to your residence by fire, weather or natural disaster

How it works is simple; as you register online for your next SunSmart Triathlon Series event, select the option for Event Registration (refund) Insurance and you will be covered right up until you start the event (we all want you to be there on the day!). It will only cost 10% of the registration fee to cover your refund; if it’s not for you then that is fine, we know racing injured and sick is how some of you roll!

Click here to view the full policy wording.

*please read the full Policy wording for further information.


Participants will participate in one of the following categories:

  • Pursuit:  Open*; 20-24; 25-29 . . . . 65-69; 70+; Teams; Mates Wave
  • Junior Pursuit:  Under 16 (14 & 15’s)**; 16-19
  • Enticer:  20-29; 30-39 . . . 50-59; 60+; Teams; Mates Wave
  • Junior Enticer:  12-13;14-15;16-19

Note: Age is calculated for the 2017/2018 SunSmart Triathlon Series as at 31st of December 2017. *Entry into the Open Category is subject to TriEvents approval.

**14’s will not be allowed to compete in the Standard Distance Race at the Bunbury City Classic Triathlon – due to age restrictions on distance. 14 yr olds will only be able to race in the Enticer triathlon.

Prize Money

Open Pursuit Series

All participants wanting to race in the Open Series must be approved by TriEvents. Prize money for Open Pursuit (Elites) participants will be as follows:

Per Race:
1st Male/Female $250.00
2nd Male/Female $150.00
3rd Male/Female $100.00

State Championship events (State Sprint and Standard Distance) will award prize money to 5th place as follows:

4th Male/Female $75.00
5th Male/Female $50.00

Overall Series:
1st Male/Female $500.00
2nd Male/Female $300.00
3rd Male/Female $200.00