Tadpoles (kids)

100m swim, 3km ride,
500m run

The Tadpoles Triathlon Series is a fun, non-competitive triathlon. Entry includes a finishers medal, juice box & sausage sizzle. A number of volunteers are along the course including to help kids get dressed (tie shoelaces, clip on helmets, and help lift bikes etc). Ages 7 to 12.

Sunsmart Triathlon Series 2015-16 Race 5-6944

Enticer (Novice) Distance

250m swim, 10km ride,
2km run

A short distance (or ‘Enticer’) triathlon for beginner & those looking to have fun! Participants generally take between 25 minutes and two hours to complete the course. There are no cut off times as the enticer distance is run prior to the sprint distance events. Medal are presented to the top three male and female participants of each age group.

Sunsmart Triathlon Series 2015-16 Race 5-7250

Pursuit (Sprint) Distance

750m swim, 20km ride, 5km run

A sprint(or Pursuit) distance triathlon is the most popular distance in the SunSmart Triathlon Series and is run at all events except the City of Busselton Triathlon (Race 3). The top three males and females in each category are presented with a medal. Typically, athletes take anywhere from 55 minutes up to three hours to complete this distance.

SunSmart TriSeries 15-16 Race 3-2565


1500m swim, 40km ride,
10km run

The SunSmart Triathlon Series only runs one Standard Distance Triathlon at the City of Busselton Triathlon (substituted for the usual sprint distance). Medals are presented to the top three male and female triathletes of each age group.This event is the State Standard Distance Triathlon Championship. Min age (as per Triathlon Australia ruling) is 15 years as of 31/12/2016.

Series Entry Fees

Enter the whole 2016/2017 series to guarantee your place at each event. Each race WILL sell out so reserve your spot in WA’s premier triathlon series! Series Entries ARE OPEN, individual races open 1 Sept.

Series Fees inc 5 Races Individual
TWA/TA Member
NON Member
Pursuit $360 $425
Junior Pursuit $280 $345
Enticer $250 $280
Junior Enticer $190 $220

Individual Race Entry Fees

Entries will be open to enter individual races from 1 October 2016

Category Individual
TWA/TA Member
NON Member
Relay Team
TWA/TA Members#
Relay Team
NON Members #
Pursuit $77 $88 $97 $108
Pursuit Busselton $112 $133 $132 $153
Junior Pursuit $62 $73 N/A N/A
Junior Pursuit Busselton $87 $108 N/A N/A
Enticer + Duathlon $62 $68 $74 $80
Junior Enticer +Duathlon $47 $52 N/A N/A

# = If one or more members of a team are not a member of TA or TWA then the team must register as a Non TA Member Team. This price includes a day license for all team members to participate and be covered by insurance for the event.

Event Individual
TWA/TA Member
NON Member
Tadpoles Triathlon Series $70 $95
Individual Races $15 $20

Additional Fees

  • Late Entries: Only online entries will be accepted after midnight on the Wednesday preceding the event and will incur a $10 late fee.
  • Race Day Entries will be available ONLY if the event is not already full and will be subject to a late fee. Please note – ALL races last season sold out prior to the event, so avoid disappointment and enter early.
  • Lost Timing Band Fee of $40 will apply in the event that you do not return your timing band given to you at registration (a window of 10 days following the event is allowed for you to return your timing band if you forget to do it at the event).

Minimum Ages

Enticer & Duathlon competitors must be 12 years of age as at the 31st December, 2016 in order to compete in the enticer or duathlon category for the duration of the 2016/17 season.

Pursuit* competitors must be 14 years of age as at the 31st December, 2016 in order to compete in the pursuit category of the duration of the 2016/17 season.

Tadpoles participants must be 7 years of age as at the 31st December, 2016 to be able to participate in the Tadpoles events for the duration of the 2015/16 season.

Entry Conditions

  • Entry Fees are non-refundable.
  • TriEvents reserves the right to alter the format of the event in the interest of competitor safety if deemed necessary due to prevailing weather conditions.
  • Entries received after Wednesday preceding the event will be deemed late and will have late fees applied as per the Entry Fees – Additional Fees Section
  • *14’s will not be allowed to compete in the Junior Pursuit at the City of Busselton Olympic Distance Triathlon. All 14’s will race in the Enticer race.

What is a TWA Membership?

A ‘TWA Membership’ is a Triathlon Western Australia Membership, which has various benefits including race discounts. Memberships are available for juniors, individuals and families, click here to view the memberships available. Participants who are not members are required to pay a Day License Fee – this fee provides event insurance cover, required by the sanctioning body of Triathlon Australia.